Gallery Quality Kenya Moore Bikini Pic

This is another great high quality picture of Kenya Moore. She was the 1993 Miss USA and it shows in how she can take amazing pictures almost anywhere.

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Kenya Moore Book Cover Picture

Here is the original image that the cover of "Game - Get Some" is taken from. An Amazing pictures and one of her … [Read More...]


Kenya Moore as Ken and Kenya Doll Photo Shoot

Above is the finished Photo Shoot Picture with with amazing imagery with Kenya Moore as both a Black Ken Doll, and a Black Barbie Doll. To create this image celebrity photographer Derek Blanks had Kenya Moore dress up as both Ken and Barbie. Here is a Video Behind the Scene of the Photoshoot. Check out […]


Kenya Moore Red Bikini on Back

Another great image of Kenya Moore in a Bikini. Quite Artistic and Beautiful.